Sustainable Hair Foils for Sustainable Salons.
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You can incorporate Paper Not Foil into your regular colouring routine in 8 simple steps: 1. Cut paper to size. 2. Section hair. 3. Position paper where hair is to be coloured. 4. Rest hair to be coloured onto paper. 5. Apply colour generously to hair and paper. 6. Fold Paper in half and press together. 7. Develop colour to manufacturer's instructions. 8. Slide out to remove and rinse.
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While at home, wrapping her children's school lunches with lunch paper, PAPER NOT FOIL Founder Amanda Buckingham had a light bulb moment...Perhaps there was a more sustainable material available for hair colouring - something that could be reused, with no detriment to the planet in its manufacturing and disposal process. After searching for an alternative that did not exist, Amanda took it upon herself to create a solution. Paper sheets made from industrial waste, not trees, that are environmentally safe, reusable, and fully degradable - saving stylists time and money - while also being amazing to work with.
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Paper Not Foil is available through Stogryn Premier Wellness Resources, the authorized product distributor for Canada (excluding Quebec).
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